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Carcosa, The Yellow King and The Spaghetti Monster

Are these three different people? The old Tuttle domestic helper asked, "You know Carcosa?" So is Carcosa a place or a person? Is the Yellow King different from The Spaghetti Monster or are they the same person? Help!

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Re: Carcosa, The Yellow King and The Spaghetti Monster

The references are from a book from the late 1800s, "The King in Yellow," by Robert  Chambers. It is still in print.


It's a book of loosely connected stories written about a fictitious play set in a strange, perhaps other-dimensional or off-planet place called Carcosa.


The first act of the play is pleasant and banal. The second act exposes the reader to a GREAT TRUTH that drives the reader permanently insane. The second act apparently involves the King in Yellow, a horrible figure who is the essence of madness and pestilence.


So, Carcosa is a fictional place in a play.


The King in Yellow is a fictional horror in the second act of that play.


The Spaghetti Monster has nothing to do with either.


BTW-- It is said that Lovecraft was greatly inspired by the K in Y.